Film is Kanilrós’s debut album, released 15th April 2023. It is instrumental, mainly centered around the electric guitar, but there are also tracks that have little or even no guitars at all.

Mandolins can be found on the album, some bass and even a little acoustic guitar hidden somewhere in all the sonic onslaught of weirdness. There is also a lot of electronic sounds on there.

Listen to Film in its entirety below

Kanilrós · Film

Hive is Kanilrós’s second album (released two months after the first one) and the first non-instrumental one. It consists of varying style like the first one, Film, but has a bit darker and mellower undertone.

That doesn’t mean that there aren’t any upbeat songs there though. Hive is primarily a rock album, but with influences from funk, disco, metal, folk and many other directions.

The main instrument, much like before, is the electric guitar. But there are also mandolins, acoustic guitars, bass and many digital instruments to be found… and this time vocals!

Listen to Hive in its entirety below

Kanilrós · Hive